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Why Should I Install Home Fire Sprinklers?

The Real Cost of Not Having Fire Sprinklers

When you hear about home fires, you probably think “that’s never going to happen to my home". Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Home fires happen more than you might expect and you should make sure your home is properly protected.

Installing fire sprinklers is one of the best way to protect your house from fire and here’s why:

1. Installing home sprinklers significantly reduces your risk of dying in a home fire. Sprinklers reduce the fire death rate per reported home fire by 82%. Fire sprinklers save lives by acting quickly to stop the spread of the flames.

2. Sprinklers reduce the rate of property damage per reported home fire by up to 71%. Sprinklers limit the damage a fire can cause by extinguishing it quickly with a limited amount of water. Cleaning up some water damage is much easier than cleaning up after a major house fire.

3. The fire may be extinguished by the time the fire department arrives. Home sprinklers are often able to control a home fire in less time than it takes for the fire department to respond. It only takes a few seconds for the sprinkler's heat sensors to respond to the fire. It will at least take a few minutes for the fire department to reach you.

4. Sprinklers reduce medical injury costs by 53%. You won’t have to worry about hospital bills piling up!

5. About 76.5% of all fire deaths happen in the home. Most commercial buildings, like offices and schools, have fire sprinkler systems. Why don’t we take the same precautions with our homes? Fire sprinklers can protect the lives of you and your family. A smoke alarm can only alert you to the presence of fire. It cannot do anything to stop the spread.

6. Fire sprinklers go off one at a time, not all at once. In 85% of fires where fire sprinklers are activated, only one sprinkler head actually goes off. It may only take a single sprinkler head to complete the task. Each sprinkler head has its own heat sensor that activates only the individual sprinkler head when a fire is detected. You might expect a lot of water damage from fire sprinklers, but the water usage is actually pretty limited.

7. Fire sprinklers are environmentally friendly. They can reduce water usage to fight a home fire by as much as 91%. Sprinkler heads only go off when there is a fire in their direct coverage area. They use water much more efficiently than any other method of putting out a fire.

8. Fire sprinklers are responsible for an estimated 65% reduction in firefighter fire ground injuries. When the sprinklers are able to control the fire, firefighters are not required to put themselves in harm's way. Fire sprinklers not only protect the people who live inside the home, but also protect the brave men and women who come to fight the fire.

9. Sprinklers can be installed in an existing home, not just new construction. Sprinklers can be retrofitted into older homes! Water pipes can be discreetly installed in closets and under attic flooring.

10. Sprinklers might not cost as much as you think. Check out ProMatcher's Fire Sprinkler Cost Report to find estimated installation costs near you. If you're ready to install a fire sprinkler system in your home, request a free cost estimate today!


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